Welcome to the RMT "Get Triggered" Blog

Posted by Staff on Jan 26th 2022

Welcome to the RMT "Get Triggered" Blog

Welcome to the RMT Get Triggered blog

The RMT "Get Triggered" blog is a place for us share insights, opinions, and rifle build projects. I mean who doesn't love unique rifle builds and gun guys getting on their soap box about things we're all interested in. Obviously if you're here, you know we are a manufacture of premium aftermarket triggers.  With that content here will be focused on firearms, accessories, and practical applications.  On occasion you may see specific tips & tricks or other tutorials on proper installation and application of our products. 

This blog will be focused on quality vs quantity, so you can look forward to a couple posts month to keep things fresh. If you're interested in contributing, please send an email to and we look forward to hearing your ideas.