RMT Trigger is revolutionizing the drop in trigger market with its patented pivot technology. RMT Trigger has many years of engineering experience driving it with the backbone coming from advanced medical engineering. RMT Trigger spared no expense in the design and function of this trigger, and has spent over 4 years in testing, R&D, and development of products. Our mission is to improve the accuracy of shooting sports enthusiasts no matter their ability, by simply dropping in the right tool.

That makes our trigger unique is our one-of-a-kind Patented Pivot Technology to provide users with the most forgiving and precise trigger on the market. This new technology allows the trigger to adjust freely to the shooter's natural position and minimize error through each individual trigger pull. The Nomad Trigger is our first product that includes this unique technology and it's proven to move and index correctly with very little effort from the shooter. This consistently allows the firearm to remain stable through a variety of shooting positions and trigger pulls. In short, these triggers move freely to adjust to the natural position of the shooter rather than the other way around.