"The RMT Nomad, freely adjusts to the natural position of the shooter rather than the other way around."

• 6 degrees rotation & pivot • No creep or grinding • Short Reset • Factory set at 3 lbs • Only Weighs 2.2 oz! • Lifetime Warranty.

Easy Installation

• Ensure weapon is unloaded • Remove Safety Selector • Remove trigger group • Drop in RMT Nomad • Insert anti-rotation pins • Replace Safety Selector • Function Test

What People Are Saying

"No matter where my hand goes on it, I've got that nice natural position for my trigger finger."

"It had a good pull to it, it was nice, and light but didn't it didnt go off before I wanted it to." 

"You just put your finger on it and go to work like you would, and it feels really really nice, really nice."

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